Beginner's problem

Hello, I am a beginner, what tools development J3MD use excuse me?

J3MD files are text documents, which may be edited with an ordinary text editor, such as the one included in the jME3 SDK. The definitions language is documented at

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thank you!

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Have api and example?

I need a information about J3MD learning

@xujiang said: I need a information about J3MD learning

What exactly do you mean by “j3md”? Do you mean the j3md files or are you speaking of something else?

It’s confusing because this is posted in the networking section of the forum and your questions start to sound like they don’t make sense for j3md files.

I’m sorry, my English is not very good

I need J3MD learning materials

If you want to find information about the jmonkey engine in general, you should go to the docs section of the website. Its in the top left position. If you are not very good at english, you might want to try an online translator from your first language or find someone to translate for you. A lot of people here speak english, but you might find someone who speaks your languange.