Beginning in Android game development


Edit 04-06-2012:
What I want my first app to be is just something plain simple, rolling a ball through a map with your finger.
Maybe you've got some examples or something else to put me in the right direction.

First off, I'll want to say you're doing a great job with JMonkeyEngine. The tutorials helped me a lot but I'm a bit confused about android.
I want to create a simple android game to get comfy with Jmonkeyengine.

I'm wondering if there are some tutorials in developing android games.
I just need to get started and need to know how to handle touchinput.

If someone could point me out into the right direction I will be thankfull.

I apologize for some bad English you may have encountered for English is not my native language.

theres no specific android tutorials that I know of. This post shows how to use the touch listener though:

Some mouse events are already automatically translated for you

Thank you for your fast reaction.

I was wondering, if it is not too much trouble, if someone could show an example of a real simple roll a ball app.

There is no difference in android or desktop development, just do the tutorials.

Allright, thanks for your reply.

I have an other error now.

I’m following the tutorial hello:collision right now.

So I build it and it works fine on pc.

I have mobile development on and build an apk file.

After that I signed the apk file and downloaded it on a android tablet. This worked fine for the other tutorials I tested on android but now I’m getting the error that it can not find

I both tried with the ziplocator and the zip file unzipped in “Scenes/town/main.scene”.

Can someone point me in the direction on how to fix this?

Thanks in advance!

You will need to copy that file to the SD card or data folder yourself. Remember that the “Root Path” argument in registerLocator should be either relative to the working directory (which on Android is /data/data//) or it has to be an absolute path. If for example was a very large file (more than 50 MB), then you would download it from the network onto the SD card into a folder like /sdcard/yourapp.

If its not a large file, then there’s no point in doing this. Simply include the relevant assets in your app.

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Thanks, works fine now.