Behavior difference in TextArea between lwjgl 2 and 3

I made this: GitHub - jcfandino/lemur-lwjgl-example

So you simply need to build it twice using the profiles:

./mvnw package -Plwjgl2
./mvnw package -Plwjgl3

and execute each jar:

java -jar target/lemur-example-lwjgl2.jar
java -jar target/lemur-example-lwjgl3.jar

The example code is my original one plus some small additions, let me know if I can add something else.

@pspeed sorry for the ping, did you have chance to try my testcase?
I made it as simple as possible and should be really easy to run side by side.

My quickfix that consumes extra events works for me and I’m using it in a local build, however I see that change can be a problem in case some event has to be handled by another component (e.g. when no pointer enabled).
My more “advanced” fix of consuming certain events depending on the key code may have the correct behavior, but it is very hacky and I think a more proper fix escapes my knowledge of lemur’s design.

This is the only problem I noticed using lwjgl3 and lemur.

No, sorry. I haven’t gotten a chance to mess with this. Your test case gets me only maybe 50% of the way to where I need to be to actually fix the problem without breaking other cases and I haven’t had time to make up the other 50% yet. (Maybe it’s a little closer than that now that I look again.)

It is on my to-do list.

Edit: definitely keep bugging me about it.