Best Collision Shape for Dynamic Terrain

Alright, I’ve got a pretty good voxel framework going, and now I’m looking to implement physics into it, however I’m wondering the best way to do this.

It seems to me that GI-Impact and Hull-Collision are the only ones that support dynamic meshes (a block terrain), however Hull-Collisions only do a convex “outline” (Holes wouldn’t work much less caves, mines, etc.), and it says the GI-Impact is CPU intensive, so for a larger world, that may not work either…

Is there a better option that I’m missing, or is GI-impact what I’ll have to go with?

After doing a bit more research, would a RigidBodyControl work for a dynamic mesh, and still be less-cpu intensive (The terrain is technically a static thing with a mass of 0.0f)

Further reading shows that they use a mesh shape which isn’t dynamic, however could I use a mesh shape, and just re-create it each time I update the geometry/mesh?

Yes recreate it (on another thread). This is where having sectors comes in handy, so you only need to recreate a certain part

Awesome, I got it, and so far it preforms great. (Although I’m not doing it on a separate thread yet…)