Best for AI

This may be a newbish question but can anyone tell me whats best for ai





or Kahlua

or should i stick to Java programming

P.S. i'm not completly sure

when to use scripting its my udnerstanding that its best to use after the initial game is completed.

Its suppose to be a TPS but it will be fairly linear and at times a lot of narrow passages. I've looked at lua before and have actually downlaoded the compiler but was overwhelmed at the time since i had never touched a scripting language or even a programming language for any of that matter. Would u recommed lua or scala for an AI system?

If you think you can handle scala then use it. I hear its very productive and well supported. Lua is much easier to use but looking at some examples its integration with java is a bit quirky.

Depends on the scale and type of game you're making. Also depends on the persons who will be making the scripts (it seems lua is easiest for most people, while scala is quite advanced).

Lua would probably be a good enough starting point, but isn't entirely neccessary. The main point of using a scripting language is that it helps when you get to behavior design. It reduces turn around time eliminating a recompile/relaunch of the game to edit/test a behavior. That said, pure java will work fine and would probably be a good spot to start if you're not experienced in the area.

Some games use Python for the AI, e.g. Civilisation 4 and Battle for Wesnoth.

In my opinion Python is the smartest and most productive language around.

It may be 20 times slower than C++, but it is also 20 times smarter.

Lua is just like C++: fast in execution and incommodious…

But the integration of Lua in Java is absolutly easy:

LuaState L = LuaStateFactory.newLuaState();

I use Lua in an ingame console, so I have the option so manipulate everything during runtime.