Best phone?

I’m looking at getting new phones for the wife and myself and wondering what current/so to be released android phone has the best shot of showing off my jme3 projects on?


look at this topic it can help you as it’s pretty much the same topic :

For now I have the Nexus S and the LG Optimus 2X. Despite the technical specifications, I’d recommend the Nexus S cause the LG is under froyo for now (still) and it appears that froyo is not handling VBO’s. But regarding benchmarks i ran on both the devices, obviously the Optimus is way better than the Nexus. The best would be LG to release an update to the 2.3 Android version for the Optimus.

I heard Nexus S is the best choice for developers, but, maybe this just stands in my country (France), because the Nexus S is the only phone with no crappy custom provider layer.

But I guess it’s probably the same in other countries

Though without these additional layers Android seems pretty ugly… O_o’. But my guess is that the Nexus S appears to be the favorite mainly because it’s also the only device running Android 2.3 for now.

I fetched myself a LG Optimus 2X 3 weeks ago and its blazing fast. Dual core, yeah! :slight_smile:

For the brave of heart there seems to be a gingerbread 2.3 rom available already.