Best practice - Node design

Hey all

I was wondering what the best practice was in order to initialize and handle nodes, heareby I mean renderstates, controllers, etc.

I'll try to post afew questions

  • Should I pass a display to each of my nodes or should I use DisplaySystem.getDisplaySystem(), the latter requires that a display is running 

  • Should i try to init all my stuff in the constructor of a node or create an init method instead?

It's really up to you how you implement them.

I extend Node then have an init method that instantiates my member variables that are not public static final.

As for DisplaySystem.getDisplaySystem().  The display is running… you don't have a choice.  I don't pass the DisplaySystem around, if I can help it.  Since I use GameStates, I don't worry about the DisplaySystem.  If I have a method that requires use of DisplaySystem then I implicitly ask for the DisplaySystem.

Some do pass it around, I do not.