Best practices when using CollisionResults

I have a collision listener and can get much info from node a and node b but I was wondering if there was a way to utilize the CollisionResults object using the event? The problem is that the CollisionResults is looking for a collidable and i cant find any in the vent itself. Also what are CollisionResults usually used for?

Using what event?

CollisionResults are what you get when calling collideWith() on a Collidable object like a spatial. Usually you pass a Ray and get hits… for things like scene picking.

I meant the CollisionListener event. Ok so I now understand that the CollisionResults applies to collidables and/or spatials so why even have CollisionListener events if you can just cast a ray and get the same results with less overhead?

CollisionListener is for physics and provides different information than colliding a ray with a scene… as it’s telling you when physical objects collide.

Ah ok that makes sense. Thanks!