Best practise for a JME space sim HUD

Hi again,

My previous topic probably didn't describe my requirements very well, so I thought I would lay it out there and see if any of you kind folk can guide me on how you would go about it.

I am looking to create spaceship HUD that will have an interactive map of the various enemies, space stations etc. Obviously as you adjust your translation, the objects will move around as well. I'm perplexed as to the correct way to implement such a map. I can see that using Graphics2D is probably too expensive unless I thread it in such a way as to not update every frame.

Another option I see is to just use JME primitives in Ortho mode, but I don't think this gives me much flexibility.

So please if anyone has implemented something like this before (surely they have!!) then can you let me know how to do it. If it's sound, then I promise to wiki it up for you  :slight_smile:

make a topdown screenshot of every station/model type, and then use textured quads in orthomode, with the same (but scaled translation as your ingame /just zero the z axis, you might want to set it not to 0 but like to 1 for station 2 for ships, so that ships are renderd above stations)

alternatvly you could use simplified types, like triangels for fighers, circles for stations ect.

Thank you, I'm gonna give this a go… could be interesting! :wink: