Best solution for auto-updating game


i came from AS3, is there any best solution for auto-updating game in Java or i should wrote own?

simple example:

  1. game checks line version of xml file on FTP
  2. if versions is below constant - game downloads from this ftp new package
  3. game will erase own folder (maybe keep some config) and init new package installer


Java webstart is an easy way to do this. It will update the jars that have changed since the person last ran the app. As for resource files (images, scenes, etc) you might have to do some of your own work if they aren’t embedded in a jar. I haven’t played with auto updating that much, so maybe there is a great solution out there.

Brent(Sploreg) is right, webstart is a way much better idea, also u can use a php and a stream reader for packages u need to replace or update… also byte checks. Take a look here i made a php file witch will go into all folders and return their path and size…

Hope it helps.

I use a selfwritten updater, because that way I’m able to have more functionalities, (aka embed a torrent system to reduce server load ect) The updater itself is updated vie webstart tho.

My version of pretty much the same the php does, but I use a java programm, also I use md5 instead of filesize, since for some formats like dds they will always be the same(if image is same size) no matter if content changes.

I check the first line for the version, if that changes I process everything, if not I only process everything on events like client crashed or user requests a fullupdate.