Best Text2D provider?

I am having some trouble with the 2D text implementation I chose (a QuadText implementation I got from the forums, which uses Java AWT to draw fonts). Some fonts are drawn incorrectly and anyway, it's using Java fonts, which I think they vary between platforms.

I would like to move to something portable, more stable. And I would like to ask the community.

I am using this for HUDs, Menus and intro screens. I basically need text drawing capability for ortho display. I don't want to use any GUI library (as I want to provide only basic functionality with no dependencies).

A desired feature is to be able to code colors, and that fonts are compatible along different platforms. Text labels should be alignable (left, right, topleft…).

Thank you!

If you're using GameStates, there's always the basic TextGameState which uses com.jme.scene.Text

com.jmex.angelfont.BitmapFont und jmetest.text.TestBitmapFont

can do all of the features you mentioned and more.

AngelFont looks what I need. I didn't know it was added to JME code line.