Best way of loading and moving an image

Hello I am new to jMe, and the whole openGL world, so bare with me please.  I have a couple of questions:

  1. Is the best way of loading images with a TextureManager?
  2. How do you move an image around the screen?  I have searched, but I don't see an x,y,z coord, only image sizes.
  3. Since I am going to do a 2D game, is jMe good for this?

    thanks for any response


Welcome to jME forums  :slight_smile:

  1. for most cases: yes

  2. Images are only data structures in jME to show an image on screen you can e.g. make a texture of it (TextureManager.loadTexture). You could put that texture on a Quad (probably in otho queue) and move that Quad.

  3. see this thread