Best way to handle Characters Lightstate?


i'm wondering what is a good aproach to handle a characters Lightstate?

Imagine the following scenario:

There is a Main-Building and a surrounding scene, and the character is allowed to walk around freely.

Inside the building there is the lobby, and a conferenceroom (its independent and the character is beamed into it). The surrounding scene is a small shop, a fountain with some lanterns and park benches as well as a parking place.

Each area has its own lights and lightstate and in addition there is the skydome with dynamic lighting (day/night).

So the structure of my scenegraph is something like this:

  • rootNode

    • skydome (dynamic light)

    • environment

        [li]building(lights inside and outside)
      • conferenceRoom(lights inside)

      • shop (lights outside)

      • fountain (lights outside)

      • parkingspace (lights outside)



So the question is
how may i handle the character to be lit by the corresponding lightstates, when he is walking around?
The OGL restriction of 8 lights make it impossible to add all the lights to a single lightstate.
So i have to setup several lightstates, but its not possible to add more than one lightstate to a single object at a time.
And the structure of the scenegraph makes it impossible to combine the different lightstates for the character as well. Because combining the lightstates works only if the they are attached on a higher level in the scenegraph.

how would you guys handle lighting, if you want to achieve a combination of dynamic lights (Sun/Moon) with some semi dynamic (outdoor lights switched on in nighttime) and static lights (inside the rooms) ?

any suggestions appreciated