Best way to learn jme

Hi Community

I'm very new to jme and currently doing the tutorials.

Of course I have thousands of questions and I'm eager to get a better understanding of jme.  :roll:

The tutorials are fine and all but I just feel I need some other way to get information about the architecture und the many tweaks of jme.

Which way of learning jme would you suggest? Do you have a good link?

Thanks & Greetz

Check out the jmetest package in the sourcecode. It's a good resource for the different features of JME.

start ur project and learn while u progress.

at least thats what ive been doing  :smiley:

Thanks a lot for your valuable suggestions.  :slight_smile:

Do you know how to get the source-code for the Examples which can be found on the jme-website?

Have a good day

use eclipse and download jme from the cvs repository, mojo's blog has a tutorial on jME with eclipse.