Best way to scale Light Probe for day/night?

The alternative to splitting nodes would be to set a higher ambient color on the Phong materials if you are mixing.

If it comes up too often then maybe we can add a boolean to turn it on/off… But I have to say that when I first tried to get me PBR scene to look right the first thing I did was just add an ambient light. I was disappointed. :slight_smile:

Why would one mix phong with PBR? When I made the switch to PBR I accepted that I’d have to translate all my phong shaders, I never really thought mixing modes like that was an option because it would be really obvious.

I ask out of curiosity more than anything. I can’t think of a case where it would be visually appropriate.

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one example. JME terrain can be only phong(where anyway even normalmaps dont work), unless you modify it yourself(i tried with help, but had problems so i skip it for now)

and again, im fine with it because i have separated nodes anyway, but i think about new members or anyone who will be surprised about mixing it.