Best way to share engine changes between team members until next update

There’s been some changes to the engine since the last stable update that would really help us move forward with our Android app. Specifically, the changes to Nifty to allow touch position x and y to be communicated to Nifty. We’re to the stage of designing the UIF and would like to give Nifty a try, but without the change mentioned, touching a button doesn’t do anything. Personally, I can just build the engine source and reference the new JARs in my project, but I’m working other another person on the project and we share project files with our own SVN. What would be the best way to provide this update to them until the next stable update?

I could give out the jar files that I build from the source, but I don’t think this is a good idea.

If we both switch to Nightly (right now I only play around with Nightly, but we both use Stable for the project work), are changes to the engine source automatically added to the Nightly update the next day after the change is checked into SVN? Is it a good idea to use Nightly for working on an actual project?

Is there a schedule for the next stable update? If it isn’t much longer, we can just wait, but if it will be awhile, then I need to figure out the best way to keep us moving forward.

I think building specific versions from svn on some server is the only solution for your issue. The next stable update will be pretty soon though I guess.

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Ok. Thanks for the response. We’ll do that.

Do I need to redefine the global libraries to point to the newly built JARs so the newly built Android JAR gets added during the build process? My impression is that the build process automatically adds the android JAR file by looking at the global library. I saw the wiki about making a new global library that includes the newly built JAR files, but I wasn’t sure the correct Android JAR would be included if I did that.

If you build what trunk/ would be you get the whole SDK including all libraries from whatever state the SDK and engine were at at that time.

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Ah. I was thinking of only building the engine. I didn’t even think about grabbing the SDK. Thanks again for the response.

Uh, somehow I was thinking that you need a specific version of the engine/sdk, if you only need the latest version and can cope with the bugs it might add you can just enable the “nightly” update center in the SDK under “Tools->Plugins->Settings”. Sorry for any confusion.

No, I just need the latest. I’ll have the other guy install a Nightly version as I have. I wasn’t sure if the Nightly automatically picked up changes at midnight after they are checked into the SVN or not.