[Beta Testers Wanted] 3079: Open-world, fully featured action RPG

Hey all,

I’m making a separate announcement from my main thread:


In short, 3079 is like Minecraft & Fallout 3 mixed together. This game is pretty much “feature complete” and I’m just doing balancing tweaks for the first public release.

I’m looking for someone (or two) to try out my game and tell me what you think. I’m mostly interested in balance – how do the items feel? Difficulty? How about at higher levels?

I plan on selling this game at some point – so you’d get a full version (personalized with your name) and a spot in the credits :slight_smile:



Does it already have a volunteer? I would like to try it at my spare time :), the game looks very cool.

Yay, a volunteer! :smiley:

Private message me your e-mail? I’d like to send you a ZIP with all the game contents for testing.

… and thank you very much 8)

I’d LOVE to help testing! :smiley:

If there is any room, I would like to try this game. It looks cool, and I like both Fallout and Minecraft :slight_smile:

Yay, another tester! :smiley:

@milkshakepanda & @glaucomardano, I suppose the best way of doing this is sending me your e-mails via personal message, and I will send you the goodies?


OK @mikeythemissile, I can squeeze one more in :wink: but 3 should be enough for now… PM me some e-mail info!

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@phr00t: Ok, Sent it :).

If you want to squeeze in another I am a software tester by profession.

@mikeythemissile & @glaucomardano – both of you guys should have it sitting in your inbox!

@monsterjava ahhh what the hell – sure :slight_smile: PM me your e-mail and I can send you a copy.

I just ask that you guys keep this copy private and I’d prefer feedback via e-mail over comments. With that said, I think I have more than enough testers for now :wink: Thanks again!

What about system diversity? You should definitely try to get a mac user in as the Apple OpenGL stack complains about every little problem in your shaders. Very good shader testing system :wink:


Do you have a Mac and are you offering? :wink:

Heh, I do have a mac and can test the game, I cannot promise in-depth content and gameplay feedback though.

I’ll throw my name in the hat. I’ve been in on a few betas before.

Macbook Pro fully decked out.

Core i7 - 4 core

8 gigs of ram

OS X Lion.

ATI Radeon HD 6750M - 1gig

PC Custom Built

Core i7 - 6 core

24 gigs ram

Win 7 64bit

nVidia gtx590 - 3 gig

biouxtai said:
PC Custom Built
Core i7 - 6 core
24 gigs ram
Win 7 64bit
nVidia gtx590 - 3 gig



@biouxtai & @normen – I’ve got enough testers for this first “round” of beta… was thinking on 2, now I have 4! If I need some more, I’ll let you guys know – thank you everyone! :slight_smile:

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@phr00t: I’m at house right now so I’m able to test it, as soon i’ll give you feedbacks ;).

Haha I think you’re about 5 years late :stuck_out_tongue: