[Beta Testers Wanted] -- Chatter Games is entering Open Beta

Chatter Games which is multi-player online Games App (currently including Chess, Checkers & Othello)

It is fully cross platform , local network, internet or offline play using JMonkey and also integrates Quickblox backbone for Chat (Instant, Video and Audio Chat) and Push notifications for IOS and Android

Android is in open beta on Play Store

Linux, Windows and OSX builds are going to available in next few days. (I’m doing final testing)

IOS version is available on closed Beta and distributed using Fabric Beta App. If you would like to have a try send me a mail to beta@chatter-games.com I’ll register you and come back to you with more details.

IOS version will be going into Open Beta in a few weeks.

All the download links are on http://www.chatter-games.com

I’d appreciate any help and feedback. Fire any questions to info@chatter-games.com

Kind Regards
Anthony (GTWhite)


It doesn’t seem a very original idea at its current state, but still nice. I’m looking forward for the linux download.

I get your point but I’ve built this in such a way as additional games can be bolted as in app purchases.

Although, I would say please feel free to depress me with links to any other 3d Chess app that is truly cross platform, is free to play and supports chat , voice and video.

I couldn’t find one which is the exact reason I wrote it. There are plenty of 3D single platform Chess apps, or multi platform 2D Chess apps with rudimentary player interaction But NOT all of the above.

I appreciate your comments though.

There are some, but not free.
And btw i didn’t mean to be harsh, my opinion is that some more elements of originality would make it more appealing for the market. Even though i understand that for some people the fact that it takes care of the communication and such is a big advantage and might already be enough.

Said that, having a cross platform chess game that works is always a good thing.

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I wasn’t offended. I’d much rather have comments than not. It’s all good information thanks again.

I’ve put Linux version to first priority and will let you know when it’s available.