Better, Faster...Softer

Hi monkeys,

I’ve been working on pssm shadows enhancements lately. The main problem is jagged edges and slowness of the processor.

I made some progress regarding both of these aspects :

Before and after

Note that the edges can now be a lot more smooth, and note the 140% frame rate increase.

I added support for wider PCF filtering, default is 4x4, the screen shot is done with 16x16. Note that PCF speed and result, can vary depending on your hardware configuration.

It’s not magic though, to achieve good looking shadows, you’ll have to tweak the processor parameters, because it’s really dependent on the scene.

I’ll release a proper documentation to explain the different parameters.

Enjoy monkeys.

PS Colors were Ruth’s idea :smiley:

Looks great as usual, @nehon :slight_smile:

PCF filter looks awesome!

But it slows down my scene from ~300 fps (with the “old” pssm shadows) to 3-8 fps with PCF16x16 filtering… With 4x4 I still have 200 fps, which seems enough for my application.

All I wanted to say: for me it doesn’t seem to run faster.