Better to start with jm3 or jm2 and move to jm3 later…?

My current hardware-driver (nvidia forceware 9371 on WinXPsp3) claims to have OpenGL2 support, but it doesnt seem to work. I tried a


but hat doent work with JM3, i get an exeption at

Material.selectTechnique(String, RenderManager) line: 696

because techDef points – err, sorry, ‘references’ :wink: – to null.

So the question is: would it be worth to start the project with JM2 and do a prot to jm3 later or would you suggest to buy a new gfx-card first?

And from you experience, because i’ve read much of WinXp not supporting OpenGL2.0… is that true for all gfx-cards or is mine (nvidia GeForce 440-MX) just a bit to dusty?

Did you update to latest nightly? We just added basic OpenGL1 support some minutes ago. Check the manual on how to update to nightly.

i downloaded and thats the version giving this excception … is there a cant find one at

I dont know, its not yet the 27th in New York, is it?

That may be, but nights have the habbit of spanning date borders;-)

So if we both refer to the same nightly build, than the mentioned "basic OpenGL1 support " is not going to work, at least not for “Getting Started with JME3 (3) - Hello Assets”

BTW, the calling fn is



private void autoSelectTechnique(RenderManager rm) {

if (technique == null) {

// NOTE: Not really needed anymore since we have technique

// selection by caps. Rename all “FixedFunc” techniques to “Default”

// and remove this hack.

if (!rm.getRenderer().getCaps().contains(Caps.GLSL100)) {

selectTechnique(“FixedFunc”, rm);

} else {

selectTechnique(“Default”, rm);




whats this about? It selects the ‘FixedFunc’-branch. has this something to do with OpenGl1?