BetterCharacter units


First of all: sorry if I posted the same post twice, I pressed something on my keyboard and my post was lost…

I saw some bad things in my code:

  1. I didnt knew what 1wu was in my game, so I made it 1meter (if this is not good please tell me), no problem because I didnt make a scene yet (do logic stuff first, ).

  2. I still used the old Charactercontrol so I want to update it to the new BetterCharacterControl:
    But what are the units (sorry I dont know what the name is in English so I mean: 1 meter or 1 centimeter).

    BetterCharacterControl(1f, 3.6f, 60f); The radius in WU (for me in meters)? height in WU (but it doesnt seams to…?)

Most important because of physics calculation:
Mass, in Newton or KG?

control.setJumpForce(new Vector3f(0,5f,0)); 
control.setGravity(new Vector3f(0, 1f  ,0));

gravity = mass * a? and is “a” the length of the vec3 gravity? (a=g for earth but of course it can be with mass a and b and radius…)

so for excample: I want a player to jump 1 meter, and let it fall 9.81 meter/second every second(with accelleration, until balance between gravity and air resistance). Can someone please explain me where the calculation happens?

Sorry for my bad question in English… If someone can read Dutch tell me so I can ask it in Dutch…