Bettercharactercontrol applyforce/impulse/jump

I know there have been a few posts about the BetterCharacterControl and jumping, I also am having the problem with it getting stuck if I keep walking when jumping into a wall.

Anyway, I only need my character to jump in one direction (facing direction) always with the same force. I am trying to edit BetterCharacterControl so that when you press jump, it applies an impulse that throws it forwards aswell as up. (I then lock the controls till he lands)

The code for jumping in the control is

[java]rigidBody.applyImpulse(localForwardRotation.multLocal(rotatedJumpForce), Vector3f.ZERO);[/java]

I have tried adding the result from getViewDirection() to this, also tried applyForce(), and applyCentralForce();

The result is that he stills goes up and then slowly down as expected, but the ‘forwards’ movement occurs instantly. So he instantly moves forward, then moves directly upwards.

Is this behaviour specific to the BetterCharacterControl, if so can it be changed, or am I doing something else wrong?

Solved it, had to stop it automatically setting its linearVelocity when I had jumped, and used a timer to allow it to carry on setting it