BetterCharacterControl on moving platform


I just converted my player from CharacterControl to BetterCharacterControl.
I have a few moving platforms such as elevators and a few other, but i want my character to move freely in them.

With Charactercontrol i used the solution in this forum:

This one worked very well with the CharacterControl. But with the BetterCharacterControl it moves, but if i am not moving myself it is still moving a little quicker than the platform it is on.
Can anyone help me with this problem? All help is appreciated.

The CharacterControl is a kinematic controller, so it behaves differently than a normal RigidBody does. So your gonna have to approach it a bit differently. You could perhaps increase the friction of the platform and some parameters of the character when you are on a platform so that you can still move freely, while being “glued” when not moving.

Thank you wezrule!

The friction solution worked like a charm. I modified the Platform control to check if the platform is moving. When it is, it will increase the friction to 20f and if it is standing still it will decrease it back to 1f or 0f. So you wont stick to the sides when you are moving and its standing stil.