BetterCharacterController Shaking

Hello, I’ve been trying out the BetterCharcterController demo, and it’s pretty good so far for my use case, though I get some odd shaking behavior when I’m angled at the box in a certain way.

Does anyone know what’s causing this? Sorry if this is obvious, I’m not too experienced with Bullet.

You’re running against the box, thats whats causing it.

IT’s due to the way the physic engine works (you can see similar stuff for example in skyrim)

A simple way to workaround this is to add a bit of smoothing to the visual instead of directly attaching it to the physics.

Thanks for the simple workaround, though I went the slightly longer route and it works great. :smile:

What I ended up doing was adding a collision listener to the controller, grabbing the normal of the latest collision, and negating the walk direction’s velocity in the normal’s direction, simple collision response stuff.

I’ll post code if anyone is interested, though I still need to fix it up a little.

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