Big or small scale, does it matter?

Is there a difference in performance about having models of 1x1x1, or having 100x100x100 and zoomed out?

Well generally not but you shouldn’t go too far (in either direction) to avoid numbers that get inaccurate due to the 32bit float range. Derived values in shaders might get out of whack and produce artifacts even before you hit the limits yourself with actual position values. Furthermore when you plan to use physics you should think about the 1unit = 1meter default setting and if needed adapt your gravity etc. values.

I’m working with furniture, and the standard measures are given in centimeters. So we accord that 1 unit would be 1 cm. So I use a scale of 100x the one you suggest.

I’m not using physics. Just collisions. Are there risk of having performance issues at this scale?

@jmonillo, no you should be fine at that scale =)

Ok, thanks. I was really worried about that decision.