BigFun Motorcycle Trials

Hey Everybody,

I just wanted to drop a small note here to let you guys know that we’ve posted the last (for now) of our small jME games, BigFun Motorcycle Trials.  You can try it out here!

We feel that its the best of these little games we’ve made and hope that you guys like it.  Let us know what you think!


Well, I got the program running, it allowed me to see the instructions, and when it attempted to run… it crashed with no info about why! (Linux, 1.5 x86 JVM)

Well, I can only run 1 out of the three games  :’(

Awesome, I had lots of fun playing it :slight_smile:

Things to fix

  1. Shading on practically everything (there's no light, everything looks like plastic)
  2. The floor in the level with the jumps (it stretches to infinity)
  3. Sometimes there are blending artifacts on the particles, are they correctly depth sorted?
  4. Some smoke appears at the motorcycle's center when starting a level.
  5. When sitting on the seat, the motorcycle tilts backwards when gas pedal is pressed; this doesn't happen in normal motorcycles I assume. You might want to check the masses of the objects to make sure they are in good balance.
  6. Changing resolution and setting fullscreen mode.
  7. Compile against 1.5, not many people have java 1.6, and some can't get it at all (mac people). I started compiling against 1.5 even though I use 1.6 features and the compiler didn't give me any errors.

Plays very well here, immediately had me addicted :slight_smile: I suck at it, though. Just as it is with actual motorcyles in real life, so I guess it's pretty realistic :smiley:

I spent a few minutes and did pretty well but if I were to do anything like I did on this in real-life I think I'd be headless or at least talking with a MUCH higher voice. :o

BTW, I was able to do a flip, fly off the track, and land back on my wheels and keep going but even though my motorcycle was still going with me on it, it said I had to start over…it would be awesome if there were some sort of easter egg if you manage to do something cool like that. :wink:

All-in-all, very nice work. :slight_smile:

Lots of fun… although apparently I suck at wheelies. :frowning:

Awesome, so glad that you guys like it!

On a side note I think I've finally solved the 1.5 issues that we've had, and now all 3 games will load up under the 1.5 JVM (we finally got our OSX tester running the games) so now duenez can try them all out!

Thanks again for all the comments + suggestions for improvement.

Cool game :slight_smile:

But is it only me that intuitively want to slowdown and speed up with <- and -> and stand and crouch on the bike with up and down.

About half an hour in and it crashed on me… I was so close (maybe). I will have to come back and beat it another day. I will be having nightmares about those darn orange cones on the big jump/ short stop level.  :lol:

My only suggestions:

  1. At the beginning of each level a preview of the map would be nice. Maybe just like a auto pan through, or maybe user controlled.

  2. Just as Momoko_Fan said, when you first start out you have to press forward while accelerating to prevent yourself from falling backwards. I am not sure if this was intended, but it took some getting used to.

    Other than that it was a blast. Great job.

i'm too stupid. can't make it though tutorial 3.

Hey Guys, checkout the mini promo vid. 

Wow, really cool game!! Does this use jME Physics like the Candy Defense game? ([v] does not work here but in Candy Defense :))

The only glitch I noticed was the failed termination: after closing the app with alt+F4 the window disappeared and the sound hung - but the javaw.exe did not terminate (WinXP, JDK1.6), I had to kill it.

Yeah, this is heavy on the jME Physics2.  We'll take a look at that sound bug…you can alternatively kill it with ESC - Q, or clicking the MENU button, then hitting (Q)Quit…though, it might suffer the same problem for you.  We didn't see that particular problem…

ESC, Q terminates properly (only alt+F4 does not)

It would be really cool to be able to customize the keys.  I personally would like to break up the arrows into speed controls for one hand and lean controls for the other.

Also I feel like the arrow keys are frame rate dependant…  which makes it feel harder to control on my faster comp.

This game seriously needs a level code system - beat a level, get a code.  Enter code, start at next level.  There are some fun levels I'd like to replay but it takes too damn long to get to them!

An alternative is to just unlock any level that's beaten and store it somewhere (if you don't want people giving out the level codes) then allow the player to select any previously beaten level.

Now, that was a lot of fun! I really enjoyed that.

I have to agree with chirstius, I got stuck on the "Hero Jumps" or whatever it was called and then had to do something else and didn't want to deal with all the hassle to get back there to try to continue on.

How can I climb stairs? I would jump but there is no button to do this :’( It is level 9 or 10.

Btw this game looks more complete than the other 2. Nice one!

To climb stairs, wheelie onto them, then brake with your rear wheel (space).  Then lean forward and tap the accelerator to ease yourself up.