BillboardNode and a black camera


i have to post a questian again, sadly.

I have an BillboardNode and it is working fine. My problem is, if my camera isn't facing it, the screen becomes black.

Has anyone faced that problem already? I have no idea what to do…



I would check your bounding boxes first…

i have to post a questian again, sadly.

Questions are good... if nobody posted questions these forums wouldn't be very interesting!

Anyway, maybe mine is a silly question, but should the screen not be black?
IE if you're not looking at the Billboard node, is there something else in the scene? Otherwise it will be black...

Hello there,

thanks for the answers, i could solve it. My teampartner (studies project) has written that BillboardNodes and wanted to write some Text on it. He used Text3D for it (but we have to use JME1, he just copied the source files from JME2 - so that something was to see, was an miracle at all).

Well without the Text3D part the Camera is behaving normal. Everything else is not my problem anymore :wink:

but we have to use JME1, he just copied the source files from JME2

wait what ?  :? JME1 either has com.jme.Font3d.Text3D, or i use JME2 without knowing (wich at least would explain some of my problems (using the one from the csv))

see also jmetest.text.Test3DText

Both jME 1.0 and 2.0 have the com.jmex.font3D.Text3D class…

Hmm well i definitely don't have this classes but i use the draft-marked downloadable jarfile instead of the cvs version. I thought this wouldn't make a difference for JME1 - my mistake i guess.

We nearly finished our work and i don't think that we encounter any further problems, so i don't see a reason to change yet but i'll keep that in mind for the next JME project - if there will be one.

i just checked, the downloadable jme-font.jar contains the class

Oh there it is, you are right - this is a bit embarressing for me.