Binary compatibility

Is jme3 binary compatible cross platform?
And is it the promised feature of the project?

Does jme3’s game app work with one binary on Windows, Mac and Linux?

JME is Java/LWJOGL based engine. Java itself is always cross platform.

overall it is cross platform(windows/linux/mac).

It uses JNI C based libs like Opengl and bullet-native(if you will not use jbullet),
but this libs are contained for all systems, so no problem.

i only heard Mac is doing something own to replace opengl, but idk if opengl will stay or not.

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thx. I wanted to hear the opinions of experienced user like you.

btw, it is an important technical feature IMO, but the official site only says ‘can be published’.

jMonkeyEngine games can be published to

because when you build app, you just have different format of executable files.

its certain you dont want users to run via java file, but some system executables.

you can also choose libs you want to include, its very elastic, but overall myself i can run Same build on both windows and linux via same java executable file(at least i tried using Ant builded version). its more LWJGL related.

also, you can use gradle or ant, you can use any IDE. you can include any libs you need. everything is elastic.

so here please note in gradle you can do own configuration for build.

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