BitmapFont - is it saved somewhere else too, beside project?

So I’ve downloaded SDK and made my custom font. Unfortunately, aside of normal characters, I need some special glyphs too, so I’ve edited MyFont.png file (not actual name) to change some characters I won’t certainly need in game, like e.g. asterisk and percent sign and change it into smile face and sad face. Of course I made sure my new character was same size and proportions as old one (in this case, percent sign).

Then I saved image file and ran again my app with test text: “Sad face: % Smile face: *” showing in top-left corner of the screen.

But percent sign was still there! No sign of sad face! And I am 100% sure that MyFont.png has percent changed into sad face and I was using right font definition file (assets/fonts/MyFont.fnt while MyFont.png is located in assets/fonts/MyFont.png).

That’s bring up a question. Is there are any “asset cache” I need to clear in order to see my changes to the font?

I think you’ve done something wrong. I modified my font PNG in exactly this way (though I didn’t use % because that’s a really useful symbol, I used other things) and I have no problems.

Maybe try a clean build before running (though it shouldn’t matter).

Well, I think so too. The problem is that I don’t know WHAT I exactly did wrong :(.

GOT IT! Additional fnt and png files were in /build/classes/fonts (my normal fonts I keep in /assets/fonts). Dunno why, though.

//edit: Deleted it and works fine.

Because /build/classes is in the classpath for your app at runtime so your app can locale “font/MyFont.fnt”, /assets/fonts exists only for development time. /build/classes will be (re)created on compile.

Hm, sounds right. Thanks for your help (and bearing my noob questions for so long…).

No, in the SDK the assets are left in the assets folder and the assets folder is on the classpath.

Oh, wait… I sort of remember that you aren’t using the SDK and are instead doing it the hard way. So maybe you messed something up in the setup.