BitmapText and line width when more than one line

I am using BitmapText.getLineWidth to position my text accurately in 3D space (let me know if it’s not supposed to be used that way). Do you think it would make sense to have it (or I guess BitmapFont.updateText) return the maximum line width when there are more than one line in the text (at the moment it’s returning the width of the last line)?

Should be fixed in SVN

Ok, cool, I think I see - if I provide a text box the assemble method will use BitmapFont.updateTextRect (which returns max line width) instead of BitmapFont.updateText (which returns last line’s width). Is that the intended behaviour, ie that updateTextRect returns max while updateText doesn’t?

I fixed it just now (in SVN). Before the updateText() method was returning the last line’s width, now it finds the max line width similar to the updateTextRect.

Oh I see - what can I say - thanks a lot! Love this forum.