BitmapText Color/Alpha bug?

Hey all,

I'm trying to use BitmapText nodes in a world with a white background (as set by viewPort.setBackgroundColor).  Text of a color other than white (with color set by setColor or in the original font PNG) is rendered with varyingly incorrect amounts of transparency.  Colors like Red are visible very difficult to see and the closer one gets to black the less visible it gets (black is completely invisible).  This happens on guiNode'd text nodes in the default bucket as well as text nodes attached to the rest of the world.

I've attached screenshots showing exactly what I mean.  The first screenshot shows a BitmapText with ColorRGBA.White and the second one shoes the identical BitmapText with ColorRGBA.DarkGray.

Sounds like a bad case of additive blending. You can try setting alpha blending on the text using


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That worked!  Awesome.  The kerning with my outline'd font from the angelcode tool is still screwed up, but at least I know how to play with that.