BitmapText setSize?

setSize for BitmapText seems to do nothing. Am I missing something with this?

Also, setBox… what would you suggest using, considering transparency won’t work properly with some filters unless you can use setDepthWrite(false); on whatever spatial you end up using. Rectangle… no go, Quad… no go. Other options?

Can you provide more details? I use BitmapText.setSize() all the time and it wasn’t broken the last I checked.

I’m not sure what you mean about setBox() though… that just sets the limit within which the text must fit or be wrapped or truncated. It’s not rendered geometry.

Hmmm… I am not seeing any noticeable difference when I set the size. Maybe its the bmp font that I am using? Not sure exactly how to provide more details past: I set the size… the size doesn’t change :frowning:

As for the the setBox method, I apparently misunderstood this. If this just sets the bounds, then is there a way to disable depth rendering on a BitmapFont? I haven’t seen one, and if you are using post processing (fog for instance), the bounds of each character in the rendered string shows.

re: size… even the standard stats display has different sized text and my HUD does, too. So I know it works. What values are you passing?

re: depth write… I don’t know for sure. Normally I’d set that on the material but BitmapText doesn’t seem to provide access to its material. Are these objects in your scene, then? versus something in a HUD?

In this particular case, yes. (object in the scene) I wonder is that is why. I’ll test it in the gui node and see if it responds differently. If not, then the bmp font I created is hosed.

BitmapFont.getCharSet().setRenderedSize(); works… though it effects the use of the font from that point on (whether guiNode rendered or otherwise). Buuuut… working is good. Thanks for helping me through this :slight_smile: