Black model?


I’m new to modelling and that kind of stuff, but manage to do a house in blender. I exported it as .obj and a .mtl was also automatically exported. But when I added the .j3o (which I then converted) to my Scene it is completely black, just solid black. I think I need shaders and textures but I cannot do that because I dont have access to my model which is inside my Scene.j3o. Any tip on why the house is solid black (yes I have Lights).



What version of blender and what version of JME?

They changed the internal file format in version 2.63 of blender. The nightly SDK has been updated to cope but I don’t think that’s made it back to stable yet.

I have 2.63, and JME SDK I have no idea, i’ve checked for updates but it could not find any so I asume latest.

…so use 2.62…

Is there a blender 2.63 problem???

what did zarch just say?

I’m confused how the internal file format has anything to do with my issue…

Is the house solid black or just not present at all? The change to the internal file formats means that a lot of the tools for converting/exporting/importing/processing/etc blend files break and you end up with an empty model with nothing in it.

It breaks ex- and importers.

the house is solid black… :confused:

if that fails, make sure your normals are facing outwards, and then generate the tangents/binormals on the mesh