Black pixels near edges

I’m getting some black pixels near the edges of my models. It’s seems somehow related to the view angle… one twothree

It also only seems to be happening on Android. Has anyone else seen this problem?

Sorry, images failed to post. Also, this is using the Unshaded material definition.,krzag,vnpJv#0,krzag,vnpJv#2,krzag,vnpJv#1

have you changed any of the camera settings? and what device/android version are you using?

In the screen shots I posted I’m using a camera that subclasses the ChaseCamera which looks like it’s just making calls to Camera.setLocation and Camera.lookAt. What makes you curious about the camera settings?

I’m on Droid Razr Maxx with 4.0.4.

It seems to be happening on the Galaxy S2 as well… although it’s not showing up as black but more of gray lines (maybe because of anti-aliasing? which is supported on S2 and not my Razor).

It was just a stab in the dark really ^^, i thought maybe you changed your frustum settings.

So you only see it, when you are at sharp angles like that?

Hmmm I did forget that there was another call to the camera to change the view frustum. Some of my objects were too far away to be rendered so I upped the far clipping by 500.

Camera cam = app.getCamera();

cam.setFrustumPerspective(45f, (float)cam.getWidth() / cam.getHeight(), 1f, 1500f);

And yes it seems like the closer the view vector and normal vector get to orthogonal the more it shows. It also only happens on the edges of faces though, it doesn’t show up in the middle anywhere. Seems like it would have to be something strange going on in the fragment shader.