Blemme0 (or BINAR) Indoor-Spaceship game

Hi folks,

currently I'm on a project with some friends (two excactly) called BINAR (BInar's Not A Racegame) codename Blemme0(*) which is a Indoor-Spaceship-Race- and Jump-and-Run- Game

You're controlling a Spaceship in 3rd Person View and compete in races against computers and/or other players.

I don't think I will put this open-source, but the first versions will be free.

Screenshots will follow… (but at the moment it's just a simple Room with some simple Tables and one Spaceship)

I also have some questions:

  1. Does anyone here has experiences with Indoor Culling (or how do you call this when you just want to load part of the terrain)?

  2. Anyone with Spaceship controlling experiences? (I think I saw some Spaceship related Threads here…)

    btw: It will be a very "round" Spaceship… it's as big as a table tennis ball.

  3. Some ideas about creating a HUD?

    Thanks so much to all contributors of JME!

    I first started 3d-Java programming with Java3D but as soon as I heard about JME I moved to JME.

    Also thanks to blaine for his awefull hottbj blender-jme exporter!  :wink:


    *: Blemme stands for Blender Meets (j)Monkey Engine and the 0 just means that there will be projects following this. :smiley:
tim8dev said:

I don't think I will put this open-source, but the first versions will be free.
I'm not making demands here, but I would just like you to take a (longer) moment to consider the benefits of an open source release. If you initially release your game open source you will have more people testing, breaking, and suggesting fixes and improvements for your game. It would also give you a chance to consider what components of your game might still benefit from being kept free and out in the open for everyone to play around with and use in their own projects, which should result in optimized revisions regularly finding their way back to you.

I just think that when you have the chance to go open source with something, especially when you're small time, there are plenty of good reasons for doing it, like free PR, QA, networking, and let's not forget community recognition and appreciation ;D

Any commercial success will naturally always be a great benefit to jME as well, so long as jME gets a mention, but I just think that by keeping every part of the code completely closed you would be loosing a lot of prospective interest.

Will be looking forward to those screenshots!

For indoor culling you could search for ‘portal culling’ in the forum or net.

For the controls you could take a look at stardust:

(older webstart)

The source is quite a mess tho. Its not a very good example, but maybe you can get some ideas.

For the hud you could take a look at GBUI.

Oh… I didn't want to say this… maybe because it's so late :wink:

I wanted to say, the first versions will be open-source, but I don't know if the later releases will be open-source, too…

The major problem is that one of my friend don't want to put his models (he does the blender-stuff) open-source…

So maybe I will release the source-code open-source but don't release the models.

But anyway… currently it's not playable because the code is ready for an pre-release but the models not (my 2 friends are on vacation and just don't want to answer their mails…)

Well, if this will be commercial success, I definitely would spend a lot to JME and blaine for his exporter/importer…

Thank You for reminding me of open-source… personally i'm a open-source fan and that's the/one reason why i use linux/opensolaris/netbeans/java… and of course jmonkeyengine and blender :wink: