.Blend(Blender) import/export toolkit written in Java

I’ve found a java library to read .Blender files directly.

Link : Java. blend

From first paragraph of documentation,

Java .Blend is generic Blender file import/export toolkit for Java. Blender is an open source 3D graphic design and rendering environment which supports import and export of various file formats such as FBX and Collada. Imports and exports always require a mapping between different formats which inevitably involves compromises, resulting in loss of information. Java .Blend aims to fill the gap for Java programmers, who want type-safe access to all the data in a Blender file with read and write capabilities.

Do you guys think it would helpful for jME?


The SDK already has a blend file importer.

From my understanding, its not just an importer/exporter. This library gives access all the contents of blend file from java source, and it would make the content creation pipeline more effortless.

My understanding is that getting the data from Blender isn’t really the tricky part, though. I’m sure there is some complexity there but where all of the problems come is in adapting Blender structures into JME structures.

…and that will be forever a losing battle.

Nice to see it getting mentioned! I wrote this thing :wink:

Just to clarify: It is not a library in the first place (even though there are libs to download). Main component is a code generator, which generates the library for a given blender version.

Actually I do not expect the generated libs to be integrated in a game engine as import lib, since blenders data requires conversion before handed over to opengl. For rapid prototyping maybe or as external conversion tool.

However, if you should consider it to be a part in jME, I’d be glad to assist.


JME has non-runtime importers for things like Blender that convert to JME’s own format… we make those available as part of the SDK but strongly discourage their use in the real game.

So on that we agree… but it also isn’t the case here. :slight_smile: