.blend loader questions

Where are the converted .j3o files stored when importing a .blend file? The folder in assets/models is created but it is empty. I cannot see anything in the scene viewer window but the console suggests that everything imported correctly.

i think if you load .blend from code it wont convert it to .j3o, it will just load it.

if the new blender loader is still like the old one then

after you imported the mesh, you will see the blender file in asset folder , right click on it and choose something there then you will get the converted j3o file

if you cant see the model in scene vier window then, you might have to enable the light (the yellow bulb above the scene viewer if I remember well)

Just refresh the folder, its there. The folder is refreshed automatically in the latest nightlies. If it canot beconverted, you see a warning sign with an error stacktrace in the lower right corner of the IDE

I saved the default cube scene from Blender 2.57. No .j3o files in folder, I can’t see any signs in the lower right corner, and the .blend file is unrecognized so I can only open it with a text editor. jMP is automatically updating.

Duh, then install the plugin :roll: