Blend shape?

I heard a while back somewhere on the forums (and actually before even further back) that Blend Shaping would be added into the core soon, which would also help import “shape keys”/“morph targets” from blender; which can help alot with mesh animations, facial expressions and character editors.

I was wondering about any information regarding it?

Actually @Kidow worked on a solution and I somehow merged it to my local copy. Unfortunately I screwed it up and reverted it by mistake… I still have the original though
There is a big problem with the way it’s done (we do it the same as in Ogre) and the system does not take the normals and tangents into account. That can lead to very bad artifacts when you use the lighting material.

A way would be to bake normal and tangent data when loading the mesh from a ogre.xml file, but they’d have to be computed.
Maybe the blender importer would have them available though…
Anyway…that’s not a simple matter, and I still don’t really know how I’m gonna do it.

Yes, missing normals means you’re most likely to encounter artifacts if they were generated automatically - this is simply not acceptable. It would still work for unlit models though.