.blend speichern

I have the simple standard cube im blender applied with the default marble texture. I don’t know hoe to create the .blend properly, because if I try to load them after converting to .j3o, I have no Material. Looked around at the internet, there is something about UV Mappings, but the tutorial didn’t work. Can you help me?


I think procedural textures are not exported to JME, nor cycles one.
And… It seems to me that textures must be saved to disk; not packed into the blend file.

@yang71: …all said in the link :wink:

Oops. Sorry Normen, I didn’t want to say it twice. I should read all of it a second (third?) time !
Or maybe I need some sleep… Or both !

All our wiki pages are just packed with info. Skimming them is like dismissing advice from the Dalai Lama :wink:

Thanks for your help, but my model loading does still not work. :frowning:
If I load the .j3o in the jmonkeyengine, it gets displayed properly.
However, if I try to load it in my program, it displays a weird red/white texture.
Code for loading:
Spatial earth = assetManager.loadModel(“models/magentaEarth_01.j3o”);

I don’t have this problem if I use a model without texture

Well did you make the texture accessible as outlined in the doc that is linked in the one posted? Like in the same folder or in the assets folder and stored with relative path, not packed, yadda yadda. I admit its hard to click through two links in succession, so I’ll post the relevant link here directly:

I have the texture in the same folder and the path in blender is //name_of_file.