Blend two animations together

Hello *,

I created a model in Blender where the character waves with his right and left hand separatly. This model + armature I exported with the Blender Ogre plugin so I could load and play the animations inside jME3. My problem is when I try to create a second animation channel and to play both waving animations simultaneously then jME3 just plays only a single animation. I can start either the right or left hand waving animation but I can’t start both at once.

Is it possible in jME3 and if yes… What do you think the problem might be? Could the problem be that I keyframed all bones, so that the first animations overwrites the second?

Thank you in advance!

if you mean true blending of animations, then maybe this will help you:

if you just want to play 2 animations for each bone group, then you just need to play animation for a Bone Group.

Thank you! The second link was exactly what I was searching for :slight_smile: