.blend vs Ogre, Ups and Downs

Hi there,

I’ve been going through this for about two days now, and it seems every time I take a step forward I go two steps back.

My issue.

I’m making a model in blender with animations. The model is finished rigged and animated.

If I import it as a .blend file it will retreive a strange list of animations. Not the ones saved onto the NLA Editor.

The rig animate these animations, which are discarded animations and not the ones I have saved.

If I export it as ogre and import it as a .scene, it will have all the correct list of animations.

Meaning the ones I’ve saved onto the models NLA editor.

But those animations don’t work at all.

These are both the same model. One is just exported with Ogre.

Anyone with any idea of how I can get this going, would be greatly appreciated.

Model as Ogre.

Model as a .blend

blend models do not support IK baking. I would prefer to use Ogre for animated models.
About NLA-editor dunno know. Can you post your blend model for testing?

No need textures. Only blend file.

Hi there,

I believe I got it figured out. I used the .blend files and actually just re-opened the list of animations you see and re-making them to the ones I wished.

Essentials re-animating the whole thing.

I deleted everything in my NLA editor.

I do have another question.

I’ve made two different sets of animations, one for arms and one for legs.

I’m assuming this is appropriate if I want him to attack while running, etc…

How would I go about playing two animations at once?

Would I create two channels?

@BigBob said: Would I create two channels?

Yes. Having been through them recently myself to properly animate the Sinbad test model for use in Monkey Trap, I can say that this is covered in the animation tutorials.