Blender 2.5 export to OgreXml


Got recently to the point where I’ve grown tired of using the Oto model, so went and did some Blender-modeling.

No doubt have I gone through the making if my models without paying attention to detail or special settings, took me about 3-4 days to learn to craft from scratch to a model with texture and animations.

The passed 2-3 days tho I’ve been struggling to get any model into my game. Up until just a few minutes ago (happily posting), when I realized in the exported xml it said “False” for the booleans , that has to be “false” , then it atleast managed to start the game and show the model.

more precise, one of the lines was

[xml]<sharedgeometry vertexcount=“1106”>

<vertexbuffer texture_coords=“1” positions=“true” colours_diffuse=“false” normals=“true”>[/xml]

My question tho, is if I might be doing something wrong with the export or missing a step which made it endup being such an error that it ends up being a “False” instead of what I need, “false” boolean.

I haven’t tried the model out fully yet, with it’s animations, I’m afraid I’ll go back into desperation >_<

It is strongly recommended to use the jME3 nightly builds for Blender 2.5 or later versions. jME3 alpha4 is only compatible with Blender 2.49

I believe I am using nightly builds already :stuck_out_tongue:

The issue is most likely with the exporter-scripts anyhow, still testing the exported models more but I need breaks to not feel so overwhelemed at times xD

So far got the model out, the texture gets applied correctly it seems, but the script seem to ignore the animations - the keyframes are there as they seem to be in my blender-animation process, but the values are all the same, meaning no changes takes place (no actual animations).

I’m mostly comparing the exported xml to the oto-xml to see what might be different. I’ll see where I end up when I know more.

The upper/lower case issue was actually fixed recently so maybe you’re using a nightly build that’s a few days old :slight_smile:

Regarding animations, note that only bone/armature animations are currently supported