Blender 2.5 with jMonkeyPlatform


What is the best way to import meshes and scenec from bledner 2.5 to jMP.

I’ve tryed “blender support”, but it’s seemed quite unstable. I’ve read a lot of recipes involving blender ogrexml importer but I’ve have found out no manual for ebedding the emorting plugin in the blender. It works correctly with blender 2.49 though.

From the tutorials:

It’s all about blender version 2.49. It has major difference with 2.5. All this actions can not be reproduced in the new version.

Ah. No, theres no proper import path yet. Back to jME2 researching times I guess if you have to use it :wink: If you just use meshes and no animation you should be able to load the file in blender 2.49 afaik tho. Best bet is always OgreXML

There are 3 ways to use blender 2.5 with JMP:

1 get latest blender support, then import a model. As i know it works now. Just don’t forget to assign a material to your mesh.

2 export to obj, then import obj into JMP. (I use it at present)

3 Ogre !!! Most supported format! Get blender 2.5 (r35672 or above) -, get ogre addon version 0.31svn or above, enjoy.

@mifth did you managed to actually have ogre exporter work with blender 2.5?

Last time i tried it was all buggy.

have a try 0.31svn with blender 2.5 (r35672 or above). meshes and scenes are exported. But i don’t know anything about bones and animation with this addon. 3 months ago animation was buggy in the addon.

The blender 2.57 is coming. And the ogre addon is 0.3.2 SVN now. I hope it can work better and no more bug of animation now.


zomg. Blender 2.5 better like, poop models out from my thoughts because it took me ages to even get to the point of “primitive cave man ability” with 2.49. I’m scared to even try 2.5, I mean, what if the UI is even WORSE? I mean, wtf, my head might explode. :stuck_out_tongue:

Lollin it up



Hi, I’m like you it took me age to learn blender 2.49 and at first the gui of 2.5 was so confusing and I hate it too, I lost a lot of workplace. but after a while you will get used to it and now I am at the point I dont want to use 2.49 anymore ^^

the new ogre exporter for 2.5 will start to be written soon ^^ that is the best news for me today

It seems the unofficial exporter, the dotScene one, has also been updated very recently: