Blender (2.6) Mesh Names not the same in jmonkey?

Hi folks, I’ve been doing a lot overriding of materials/and batching of blender objects…and noticed that the

Mesh Name’s in jmonkey appear to have a ‘1’ appended to the end of name…

i.e. In blender the mesh name is: bullseyeMesh

In jmonkey after conversion to j30, its name is now:


For me this wasn’t a big issue as usually startsWith() to get my matches…(not always ideal…but it works).

note: to test this I renames the mesh to something unique to ensure there wasn’t another variant with the prefix, jmonkey still appended the 1.


Thing is that one mesh in blender can have multiple textures but one texture means one geometry in jme so theres always a numbering going on