Blender 2.63 OgreXML Plugin Problems

hi all, im newbie to jMonkeyEngine3 and Blender… so im trying to export a model from a blender, just a simple Box with single color. I want this to add to my scene in jmonkey. so i have installed the plugin in the blender… then i choose File > Export > Ogre3D(.scene and .mesh) but it outputs only the .scene file and no .mesh file. and one more question is that where is the .xml and .skeleton file? im sorry for my poor english. and pls move this to the right section. thank you in advanced

Hi @autorunman22

which version of ogre exporter are you using?

Make sure that “export meshes” checkbox is selected on the “export ogre” panel when you export the scene on blender. Sorry but this is the only reason that it comes to my mind :frowning:

.skeleton.xml file is created when the object that you are exporting has an armature.