Blender 2 Ogre export failure – unknown UUID - RESOLVED

I have just installed the Blender script retrieved via Ogre XML Jme plugin. It is V0.5.5 and it is installed in Blender 2.5.9 (as required). When exporting models to Ogre XML, I get an error which states that a global variable ‘UUID’ is not known. The export fails. The same behaviour is displayed on both Win 7 64 and Mac OS X. Any quick fix to the script?

Where did you get the script? Try with this script here. Also, you can load your .blend file directly in jmp using the BlenderSupport plugin.

Thanks. Originally, the script I’ve got from the OgreXML tool in JMP (“Install Blender OgreXML”), which uses the most recent tested script. As it failed (with “unknown UUID”), I have checked one of the Ogre forum where the bug was noted a couple of days ago and the response was that the bug was fixed and the new version to be available on the code site which you have suggested. So, I have tried the preview version (also version 0.5.5) from the blend2ogre site, however, that one fails to install in Blender. I have tried the BlenderSupport but it looks like that in multires objects, it uses the lowest resolution available. Waverfront obj export works well but it confuses the material mapping. So I thought OgreXML would solve my problems for now.

Actually, I have just installed an older version of the script 0.5.4 and it works without any problems. If you rely on the Blender2Ogre XML script provided by the JME plugin, check its version and avoid version 0.5.5. The plugin seems to return the most recently released script from the Blender2Ogre code web site, so if all fails get the working script from there.

Note that blender2ogre 0.5.5 is a preview release and may contain bugs …Use 0.5.4 for now