Blender and jME

I'm doing this tutorial with a blender model of a palm tree:

I export as obj file and then use the code in the tutorial.    The palm tree appears but isn't colored properly.  The mtl file was placed in it's proper place.  Any info on what can/can't be done w/ blender and ObjToJme importer?  Using blender 2.49b.

If I recall correctly, jME does not currently import materials very well from OBJ files. Perhaps you could try using the Ogre XML importer?

Exporting using the ogre export tool worked great.  From what I've seen I would prefer collada, because jme will import light sources etc.  However, my collada palm tree wasn't exactly perfect - thought it was much better than dae.  I was wondering if you know if there are any issues with the quality of the blender collada exporter or jme collada importer.  At least for now I'm going to stick with ogre.  It's not clear which side is causing the problem so I can fix it.  I'm not interesting in picking thru both blender and jme.

Collada is a very complex format, and a partial implementation exists for jME but it doesn't work that well for animations (you would have to work on an exporter yourself if you wanted to use it). For static models it would work fine I think.

When exporting .obj from Blender, just deselect "materials" in the export options, and the object will not have a .mtl file. Then you can just set material properties in jME like any normal TriMesh.

I usually turn on Normals, "HQ" (high quality normals, needed for smoothed shading I think) and UVs and turn off everything else.