Blender and jmonkeyengine

hello! I’m a newbie here and I just wanna know some things. Can I create my 3D models AND animations under blender and then importing them easily to my java project? If can you give me a tutorial? Thanks

Yes you can.

We use the Ogre xml fromat to export from blender to JME.

You’ll have to use with Blender 2.49 for now, because there no Ogre exporter for 2.5 version yet .

You’ll need to install the ogre exporter (in JMP : Tools/Ogre XML/Install Blender OgreXML).

For the tutorial, i suggest you read those tutorials by Stephen Jones

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why do we need to install Blender OgreXML separately?

Can’t we just right click on the asset and then convert it to binary file?

or is it possible because, I installed a plugin, which is the same as installing the Tools/Ogre XML/Install Blender OgreXML?

Tool/Ogre Xml/Install Blender ogre xml is just a plugin to your blender 2.49b. But export it to :

If Windows 7 ---- [patch]C:/Users/Your User’s Name/AppData/Roaming/Blender FoundationBlender/.blender/scripts[/patch]

If Windows xp ---- [patch]C:/DocumentsAndSettings/Your User’s Name/AppData/Roaming/Blender Foundation/Blender/.blender/scripts[/patch]

or like. If you wanna convert you meshes to binary file, in jmonkeyplataform do it : tools - plugins - available plugins - select OgreXmlSupport and install it. Ok, now you can convert your meshes to binary file :slight_smile: . But first learn how to export .mesh.xml at blender 2.49b :slight_smile: .

please help…, I’am newbe to, can you give simple tutorial or video importing model and animation from blender 2.49b or 2.62 to jme3,

I’m so confused, thx