Blender animation woes

Hi all,

I am totally new to JMonkey and am trying to import a simple animated test model into it from Blender 2.57.

I am using Blender2Ogre 0.3.6 and I believe some people have had success with this to some extent. Ideally I want to use Blender 2.57 rather than revert to 2.49b as I wish to use some of the newer features and also I am used to the 2.5 interface so going back to 2.49b will bring unwelcome confusion.

So far I have been able to export my model to .xml format and import it into JMonkey and covert it to the binary format. When I import into JMonkey it picks up the material and skeleton files automatically and no errors are reported so I assume it is OK. I am able to preview the model in the JMonkey platform scene composer the name of my test animation is selectable from the “Animation Control” dropdown.

When I select the animation control corresponding to the track the model should animate but does not. I have downloaded and tested the otto test model and that works perfectly leading me to think that either a) My models animation is incorrectly rigged/set up in blender. b) The exporter isn’t working, c) it is working but I am not using it properly.

Does anybody have any guidelines for setting up animation in Blender 2.57 for use with JMonkey or a working test model they would be willing to let me have a look at to check my configuration?

Any help with this is greatly appreciated!

Normally I get around model issues by exporting as a .fbx to Ultimate Unrwap 3D pro and then re-exporting to the required format for whatever engine I am using but unfortunaly the ogre exporter for Ultimate Unwrap doesnt seem to work as JMonkey says it cannot import the resulting mesh.

Many thanks


I’m having a similar problem with the model I made in Blender 2.57, and exported with the Blender2Ogre 0.3.6.

The conversion to .j3o seems to work. Texture works. Skeleton appears to have imported.

Though I can’t seem to find the “Animation Control” dropdown, I have been able to iterate through 4 animations using the getAnimationNames() method in my code. They appear to be named after the 4 NLA tracks I made to test my various actions while in Blender.

Anyway, I use the setAnim(…) method, but my model does not move.

Thanks for your hard work guys! This is my first post here, and I’m already a fan of JME.


Blender 2.57 is not yet supported by us for animation export. Look at all the blender 2.57 etc. posts in this forum.

Hey guys,

Thanks for your posts.

Normen - thanks for clarifying that. Some of the posts around the forum gave me the impression that some people had it working.

I have fallen back to 2.49b now and everything works a treat!

While I find working in 2.49 less than ideal (I really like some of the GUI changes in 2.57) I am more than willing to live with it for the convenience and elegance that JMonkey3 looks to provide from the coding perspective. I am a coder at heart and the ability to code in Java with Netbeans and a decent 3D engine that uses solid design patterns is a totally awesome prospect. Great work guys!


Yeah, we will announce when we have paved the 2.5 import path properly :slight_smile:

Hello, I’m in the same path, new to jMonkey and trying with Blender 2.57.

I’m using jMonkey 2 ( still doesn’t support jm3 ) and I do not have any issue with importing models from .obj and using textures, but I wanted to test animations and found the jme export and hottBJ scripts (couldn’t make them work)…

So the best choice for models/animations is Blender 2.49?

Is there another choice that works better than Blender for jMonkey (jme 2) ?

I’ll keep following the tutorials.


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