Blender "B-Bone" (segmented bone) support in JME Skeletons?

Hello, I am new to JME. I’ve been perusing the features of JME and was impressed, and was curious about whether segmented bones from Blender are supported:

Here is the article describing them.

From similar posts describing IK characteristics, I’d assume “yes” to animations for B-Bones, but would I also be able to import a skeleton with the same properties, where I could modify the location of one of the end-bones in the code, and expect the segmented bone next to it be able to bend like the pic in the article?

Any input is appreciated!

Nope B-bones are not supported. Also bones in JME are more joints than bones.
Usually you’ll have to create your animations in blender and export them with ogre xml in order to use them in JME.
Skeletons in JME are not meant to create animation, they are meant to play them. Meaning you won’t have any constraints on the bone (so no IK), ans you won’t have things like B-bones.

Oh, ok. Thank you. I’ve just been mulling over how to best create a mechanic where a tube-like object (such as a snake) might track a mouse pointer, and the rest of the object deforms in a believable manner in real time.

In general, would this sort of thing be difficult to achieve in JME?

Edit: I found a piece ongenerating a custom mesh/texture space for an object: would this be the way to go?

Could I modify an existing imported mesh, where I just change the locations of the vertices?

maybe you could have a look at this